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Dobuyaspices.com is a bridge that will fulfill your commodity needs in the sector of spices & fruit. Dobuyaspices is under the legality of PT. Dobuya Bumi Nusantara, which always strives to provide the best quality from Indonesia to the world. We work and connect with the best local farmers and parties who are professional in their fields so that the best quality goods arrive in your hands.

Pt. Dobuya Bumi Nusantara has a variety of products in the spices & fruit sector such as cloves, shallots, coffee, and dragon fruit, all is produced by the hands of the best local farmers.

Pt. Dobuya Bumi Nusantara is a personally owned company that has a solid team with the same goal, where we strive to participate in the welfare of local farmers by bridging local products to the global market with cooperation and support from the government that also help us in realizing the company’s vision and mission.

Our Vision & Mission

Collaborating with the best local farmers to make Indonesia become world’s central commodity source.

Providing goods with best quality starting from the selection of materials, packaging, and shipping processes in accordance with export procedures until the hands of the customer.

"Making a Good Business Like a Good Friendship"


We also continue to update the information about the company through social media, for the latest information you can follow our social media.



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